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Apartments for rent and houses Munich

4 offers

158 $ for 1 night

Münchberger Straße 4

rooms: 2 Мест: 5

170 $ for 1 night

Lerchenauer Straße 8

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

140 $ for 1 night

Eversbuschstraße 9

rooms: 3 Мест: 6

134 $ for 1 night

Arcis Street 21

rooms: 1 Мест: 3

Cheap and fast rent apartment in Munich for everyone

Munich is a famous city not only for its indescribable beauty, but for its also excellent beer – the one who have ever visited this wonderful city will never forget this taste. With approach of the annual beer festival – Oktoberfest - the number of those who is willing to rent an apartment in Munich increases in dozen times. During this week you can taste a selection of the most delicious, natural beer and enjoy taste of fried sausages, which are sold all over the city in large quantities. Oktoberfest attracts every year about 6 million visitors, who come to Munich from all parts of Bavaria and Germany, as well as from other countries. Oktoberfest in Munich is held in mid-September – early October and lasts 16 days.

So if you decided to find Munich apartments for this time of year, you can start looking for it right now, because later there will be only few decent options. Only advance rent of Munich apartments will give you opportunity to choose and book desired accommodation for rent.

Today rent of Munich apartments is a great alternative to home stay, as well as cheaper analog to expensive hotels.  Internet portal “Svitrent” offers guests of the city, who came to Germany on business trip or on holiday, to rent Munich apartments for long term or short term. Modern tourist are so mobile and active that they simply will not be satisfied with the average, standard, ordinary hotel room. They need a flat for rent from the owner in Munich, where they will feel like at home. Simplicity and convince are the main advantages that apartment for rent in Munich offer to all guests.

Rent the best Munich apartments not paying attention to the budget

Today renting has became very popular for all segments of population. Many people understand that it is much better to rent accommodation in the foreign city, than to stay in a hotel. First of all because of cost. Those who travel a lot know, that it is very expensive to book a room in Munich hotel, especially when it is high season and most of the hotels are full. If it can be Ok for some business people, for students and young families it is not the best option at all. The second thing is comfort. We all know that the service in hotels is good, but for sure expensive. You have to pay extra money for laundry, breakfast, Internet, etc. But our guests are so used to comfort and want to save money. That is why accommodation for rent in Munich is the best variant. All people can find great housing in Munich for the good price: from cheap and cozy to luxury and expensive (but still it will be cheaper than to stay in hotel). About comfort: we can assure you that all Munich apartments that you can find on the site “Svitrent” are well-furnished, serviced and equipped with everything you need: washing machine, refrigerator, TV, Internet connection, own kitchen with all needed cooking battery. You can have a cup of good coffee in the morning, have tasty breakfast or dinner, cook the meal for your children if you want to save money for souvenirs and visiting Munich attractions, but not to leave money in expensive restaurants. It is very easy to find a cheap housing for rent in Munich with a good location, cause on our site you can see the photos of each Munich apartment, house, room or luxury flat, also check its location on the map. Nowadays many people can’t live without their laptops, so arriving to the airport, you can open electronic map on our site and see the best way to get to your accommodation. Also many owners of Munich apartments offer such service as transfer – they will pick you up from airport and take you to your flat or apartment. One more good thing – you can rent cheap 1-2 bedroom apartment, room  or luxury flat for short or long term.

Renting housing for long term, you will experience following benefits:

- you can feel complete freedom;

- notice the absence of importunate service;

- will not lose time for check in procedure on reception;

- save on accommodation;

- possibility to wash and tidy up your clothes;

- your stay will remain absolutely confidential.

Types of accommodation for rent in Munich, Germany for all tastes

Many tourists who come to Munich, Germany during Oktoberfest, students who come on holidays or to enter prestigious Universities, young couples who visit Munich for romantic weekend prefer rental from the owners. On our site students can find good variants of accommodation for rent in Munich: cheap flats, Studio apartments or rooms not far from the city centre or on suburbs. Flatshare – is a wonderful option for students and young people, or those who travel with friends. Though the last many families also choose flatshare – it can save money and it is easy to stay together with your close people at one place. 1-2 bedroom apartments can be a good variant for family as well. Any budget allows you to find excellent accommodation for rent in Munich. During vacation or holiday you will not worry about cleaning your clothes or having a meal not leaving your housing – all rentals presented on the site are furnished well and equipped with all needed amenities. With our e-catalogue everyone can choose nice, well-serviced Munich apartments,  flat, room or house with a good location and for the good price, for short term or long term. Electronic catalogue has a handy menu that will help you to rent excellent rentals in Munich within few minutes. If you are going on holiday or vacation to Munich, Germany - save your time and money – rent luxury or cheap housing on “Svitrent”.

How to book an apartment in Munich for one day of long term

In order to rent accommodation for a long term – for month or a year – there is no need to look for costly intermediaries. Just go to our website and open electronic catalogue, which is full of most interesting offers: flatshare, rooms, houses, luxury flats and 1-2 bedroom Munich apartments with a good location, for any budget. You will immediately understand how to rent an apartment in Munich or a room from the owner in the real-time mode. Cheap long term rental apartments in Munich – is a great opportunity to know city more detailed, get acquainted with its culture and traditions. With easy application forms, apartment rental will be a real pleasure. If you have property in good condition and decided to “rent out a flat” in Munich, do it through our portal.