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Have you already rent an profitable apartment in Paris on our site?

Paris is the city of stunning beauty, which many couples all around the world dreamt to visit. If you decided to make your second half such a magnificent gift as romantic trip to Paris – first thing you have to do is to rent apartment in Paris and to get rid of significant problem.

At the Internet-portal “Svitrent” rental apartments in Paris is available to everyone, regardless of gender or nationality. Specially for our clients was created electronic catalogue which allows:

- to rent inexpensive accommodation in any area of Paris;

- find its location quickly – location appartement Paris;

- check the prices and conditions of stay without leaving home.

With our help you can find a cheap and with good location apartment Paris with all facilities: air conditioner, microwave oven, furniture, kitchenware, bedding. A lot of people will be interested in renting Paris accommodation weekly, for month or year and it is not surprising because not everyone goes to romantic trip or vacation, the majority of people visits Paris by business. In any case our service will help you to rent a cheap Paris apartment in any area that clients prefer. For those who are interested in the cost of renting for a long-term or short-term period in Paris, this page will be useful and informative.

Online booking apartments in Paris

In our busy business century not everyone has enough time to contact intermediaries for searching daily rent housing abroad. And better not to pay attention to such doubtful offers like: “cheap rentals” in suspicious places.  Better and easier to go to “Svitrent” site and rent a flat, room, apartment in Paris, watch photos and read descriptions, reviews given by owners. It is quite difficult to find such cheap Paris accommodation without help of costly intermediaries, that is why we decided to help you to find Paris apartment and save your money. Pick up cheap location appartements Paris, which cost will seem a real gift of fate. We can offer you not only short-term but also long-term Paris rentals. If you decide to stay more than a week in Paris appartements, you have to notify the owner. Once you are on the site, you are able to understand how to rent property in Paris online, cause it is very easy, fast and democratic prices for sure will impress any visitor. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try to rent furnished luxury or b&b (bed and breakfast) Paris accommodation with bright unexpected design. In catalogue you can find enough of such housing variants, choose and book the one you really like.

Appartement a louer Paris on “Svitrent”

When you are going for vacation alone or with your family to Paris, France, you want to rent luxurious apartment, Studio or flat in a nice area of Paris, with all facilities and for the good price. Of course if you will try to book a room in Paris 5 star hotel, it will cost too much money. So daily-rent apartment Paris is the best choice for you, cause you can feel there like at home, you can save money and also you don’t need to rent 2-3 rooms (that you will need to do if you will stay in a hotel) if you travel with your family to Paris. You can choose the bigger Paris flat with 2-3 bedrooms, where your relatives will feel comfy and at the same time, the price will be much lower than in a Paris hotel. While checking Paris accommodation on “Svitrent” site, you can find objects that will meet your special requirements, with a good service. Actually sometimes we decide to travel somewhere without planning, but there is a risk to spend more money for organization. If you use “Svitrent” you will need only few minutes to find interesting Paris rentals and don’t need to search numbers of rental sites and adverts. When you come to Paris and you have not requested transfer, you can easily find address of rented appart, cause on our site location of all accommodations is marked on the map (la carte).

Cheap Paris flats for tourists and students

Some people – tourists and students- are going for holidays or weekends to other cities or countries, but they are looking for affordable rentals. And it is easy to understand this, cause the main reason of travelling is not to spend much money, but to get as much impressions as possible. So how to find the cheapest Paris holidayflat but with all needed facilities? In our electronic catalogue you can choose the best inexpensive Paris aptm for the price within acceptable range. Here are collected different types of Paris apartments on any taste and budget. We cooperate with the owners who are ready to offer luxe and lovely Paris appartements for a good price even in the city centre or in Montmarte . This district is well-known beyond tourist from all over the world. Here is located Basilica of the Savre Coeur, one of the most popular attraction of French capital, the famous Moulin Rouge, the mill “Moulin de La Galetter” – is the only remaining grain mill XIV century. Here lived and worked Renoir, van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Utrillo, Apollinaire, Rousseau; later - Picasso, Marriage, Modigliani. Nowadays many tourists try to come here and feel the atmosphere of this “art centre”. The best option is to stay in a Paris flat which location is in old condos and who knows may be in this accommodation many years ago lived one of the great artists. Few days in this place will impregnate you with history and spirit of real France. It is good to come here with kids, cause the easiest way to share historical moments with them is to live near the place that talks about history itself. Renting housing in Paris you are free from housekeepers, registration on reception and other annoying moments – only friendly atmosphere. Doesn’t matter if you travel for one-two days, weekend, week or want to rent Paris apartment monthly, you will get great services and good mood. All Paris houses are well-furnished and equipped. Living in Paris apartment for rent, choosing studios, homes, houses or condos - nothing will let you be disappointed in your choice. Almost all families are searching not for hotels, but luxury cozy Paris rentals – all guests can see the big difference and enjoy their vacations.