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Apartments for rent and houses Thessaloniki

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122 $ for 1 night

Stratigou Kallari 6

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

Travel in comfort – travel with SvitRent

It is fair to ask, what is so special about the site, that we hereby declare that we can to make your trip more comfortable. In fact, we make a trip to anywhere in the world easier and more convenient. On our site, we introduce you the base of apartments to rent, which can be rent directly from the owners. Rental with us means low prices, great service, no additional payments, additional services, the possibility to rent a house directly from the owners, and more. You can rent a house for a day minimum, you can pick up an apartment for rent beforehand, as well as already upon arrival, a few hours or even minutes before the desired settlement. All depends only on your desires. User-friendly interface greatly simplify the search, all you need is to know what you want and to put it in the search engine and choose the best option.

Oh, these Thessaloniki!

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, built in the form of the amphitheater on the coast. Most past of Universities are located here, as well as many other attractions. In addition, the history of the city is unforgettable and everyone who visits it has to plunge in it and enjoy all this beauty.
City really needs no introduction, so talking about this makes no sense, it is a place that is definitely worth visiting, as Greece is the country of fairy tale, and Thessaloniki is the city of dreams.

Rent the best apartments with the best panoramic views of Thessaloniki for a day or more

The best memories and impressions are the impressions received in the best conditions. We offer you to find the best flat for rent on our portal, our flats are equipped with everything you need, all that mean for you comfort. In addition, you can also choose the most convenient street, whether you want. You can have an apartment located by the sea or in the city center, overlooking the greenery or point of interest, you decide and we are here to make your dream a reality and to bring to life, even your wildest fantasies. All the objects for rent are directly from the owner, and the owner adds "resume" of the apartment with photographs, a detailed description, as well as a list of all services and facilities included. Therefore, before the arrival you know exactly what to expect, unlike those who choose hotels or hostels or intermediaries, which can not be 100% sure. SvitRent - the choice of people who want to be confident in the future